Green your holidays

Holidays are a celebratory time; it’s hard to deny ourselves of practices that put us in a festive mood. But if we’re serious about saving our planet, we should reevaluate some traditions in favor of greener solutions. Celebrate a more eco-friendly holiday with these tips:

  • Cut back on holiday lighting. Consider using fewer lights overall. Put them up later or take them down earlier. Minimize the hours you have your display lit; using a timer will help. Remember LED lighting uses less energy.
  • Use less wrapping paper. Gift wrap, while pretty and traditional, is wasteful. Reusing it is an option, but finding an alternative is better. Think outside the box (or use a box) to imagine new ideas, such as recycled cloth, baskets, tins, jars and more.
  • Be responsible with your real holiday tree. Buy a locally sourced or locally grown tree. Compost it after the season, or buy a live tree and plant it.

An environmentally friendly holiday can still be magical, and the planet will be better off for it.

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