Green your garden

Make small changes with hardscapes & habits for the benefit of the environment

So much advice about green gardening centers around the plants. However, making different choices about hardscapes, the non-living elements of the garden, and tweaking your habits, also help in going green in the garden.


  • Choose permeable pavers over concrete for driveways and pathways. They allow water to seep into the ground instead of running off into storm sewers, where it ends up polluting bodies of water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 70% of water pollution comes from stormwater runoff, half of which is from household chemicals.
  • Reused bricks, stones, glass, pieces of concrete, recycled plastic and sustainably harvested materials make for green building and decor.


  • Use the smallest amount of fertilizer (preferably organic) and pest control possible.
  • Use a push mower and manual tools rather than gas or electric machines.
  • Mow less frequently.
  • Instead of bagging grass clippings or sweeping them into the street where they’ll end up in the storm sewer, blow them back into the yard where they’ll decompose, nourishing the soil.

Alpine Bank has an enduring commitment to the environment. Learn more about our Green Team and its 20-year anniversary in 2023. 

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