Green at work

Going the extra mile

Even if your company isn’t a big polluter or consumer of copious amounts of energy or other resources that harm the environment, it can make a big, positive impact with a green mindset and some simple-to-implement practices.

Prioritize eco-friendliness within company culture so that your team is working collectively toward a green goal. To make certain everybody’s on the same page, create a document stating why it’s important, and the ways in which your company will stand behind this eco-friendly commitment.

In addition to the common practices of using reusable, recycled, upcycled, environmentally friendly materials and chemicals, these practices go a little further toward being green at work:

  • Patronize local businesses to minimize fuel use for and emissions from transportation.
  • Do business with like-minded companies to support each other’s green efforts.
  • Include workplace equipment among the items you recycle responsibly.
  • Support employees’ use of public transportation and carpooling.
  • Gather information from employees about potential areas for greener work practices.
  • Advertise that your business takes measures to care for the environment. Your example will encourage others to follow suit.
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