Eco-friendly Flooring Guide


Eco-friendly flooring options are affordable, stylish and durable. Here are the top six factors to consider when selecting eco-friendly flooring:

  1. Indoor pollution
  2. Maintenance
  3. Life cycle
  4. Distance to transport material to location it is being installed
  5. Is it renewable? Is it recyclable?
  6. How did harvesting the material affect the environment?

Cork, bamboo, hardwood, natural stone and linoleum are among the top eco-friendly flooring types. When searching for carpeting, be on the lookout for natural fibers without any chemical treatment. But don’t just stop with the carpet. Consider the backing of the carpet, padding and installation. Be on the lookout for eco-friendly flooring certifications when searching, just beware that not all certifications are valid as some companies self-certify and may not be 100 percent eco-friendly. Going eco-friendly with your flooring won’t cost an arm and leg either as carpeting and flooring can both be less expensive than traditional options. Green tips are brought to you by Alpine Bank’s Green Team

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