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Custom Wood Creations Handmade in the Mountains

Carbondale, Colorado is famous for its arts scene. Artist David Kodama, of Kenichi Woodworking, is a fundamental part of the reason why.

A professional woodworker who’s been making and creating for 16 years, David has a minimal, modern aesthetic. His company, Kenichi Woodworking, designs and produces furniture and custom cabinetry made of wood and steel.

David grew up in Toronto and moved to Whistler, British Columbia, where he lived until he met his wife. “Her family has strong Colorado roots so we moved here together and now I call Carbondale home,” said David. “Not only is it a beautiful place to live and recreate, the community is vibrant, creative and kind. I am so thankful and blessed to call Carbondale home and to contribute to its soul and energy.”

David says he loves the elegant simplicity of wood, which lends itself to the seamless fusion with other mediums like steel. And he often incorporates leather into his work.

“I work in wood for its natural beauty, strength and versatility as a medium. I love looking at raw wood and envisioning how it will evolve into my creation, milling it to reveal the beauty of the grain and knowing that it’s unique, much like a fingerprint, and no other piece will ever be the same,” said David. “Great care and love go into everything we make. Our products are of the highest quality and built to the highest standards.”

David also sets a high standard for giving back, and to sustainability efforts. Kenichi Woodworking is a partner with the Eden Reforestation Projects, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that plants millions of trees every year. A portion of his company’s profits go toward supporting their work, and so far Kenichi has helped plant 100,000 trees worldwide.

David says he banks with Alpine because it’s local, and also gives back.

“Alpine Bank supports community causes, arts, education and the environment,” said David. “As a small business owner, I understand the importance of giving back to the community that sustains me. I find the big national banks don’t have as strong a connection.”

Learn more at , on Facebook at and on Instagram at @kenichiwoodworking.

“Alpine Bank supports community causes, arts, education and the environment.”

David Kodama, Kenichi Woodworking

Kenichi Woodworking is a Small & Mighty contribution to the community of Carbondale. To learn more about our Small & Mighty business highlights click here.

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