Composting at home

Composting is the process of using decomposing organic material to create a natural soil augmentation and fertilizer. It can be done at home using food scraps, yard waste and other biodegradable materials, and has numerous benefits for the earth:

  • Composted materials are repurposed so they’re not creating methane in landfills
  • The resulting natural fertilizer is better than chemicals
  • Adding compost improves the quality of soil, improving aeration and drainage
  • Compost controls weeds
  • Compost helps soil retain water naturally

Compostable materials include fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, yard clippings and leaves. Keep compost in your yard or inside your home. Instead of throwing away compostable materials, toss them in the compost container. Even a large bucket with holes drilled in the bottom will work. It will help oxygen to circulate, which is essential to the process. Combine with a bit of garden soil, keep the mixture damp and stir at least weekly. The volume inside the container will decrease and generate heat as things decompose. Compost will be ready for use in the garden in about six weeks.

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