3 green goals for your house

Goals motivate us. Consider implementing these three to make eco-smart decisions around the house.

1. Have an energy audit. This is a professional assessment of your home’s energy usage, often conducted by utility companies at little or no charge. It shows where the most energy is used and where it’s wasted. Use this information to guide your behavior and to make household improvements to raise efficiency.

2. Replace appliances with Energy Star-rated ones. Energy Star certification assures that an appliance is among the most energy-efficient in its class.

3. Landscaping. What you plant, and where, is an important consideration in living green. Sod, a notorious water-hog, is best replaced with other plants that require less water, or a hardscape. Placement matters too: Deciduous trees planted on the south and west keep the house cool in the summer while allowing the sun to shine in for warmth in winter. Evergreens on the north and west deflect winter wind, keeping the house warmer.

Just think, you’re only three goals away from having a considerably greener house!

Did you know that Alpine Bank has had its Green Team since 2005? Learn more about our green initiative here.

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Pete Yang

Pete Yang is a senior vice president for Alpine Bank and the co-chair of Alpine's "Green Team." He's based in Aspen, where he handles commercial and consumer loans, with a particular focus on resort financing. He has a keen interest in protecting Colorado's unmatched mountain environment.

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